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Windows can be a painful experience for many people who work with it every day. It's not only the program that are so slow, but the system as a whole. Microsoft has added a ton of features over the years to improve the speed of Windows, but in the end, it has often worked against the user and caused serious problems for them. Microsoft introduced a program called Visual Studio Code that was developed to address these problems. It's been used by programmers like myself to write code in an environment that mimics the real world. Microsoft released Visual Studio Code as a free tool to the public, but it doesn't just stop there.

The free download comes with all the tools you need to make your code run the way you want it to. It includes everything from Visual Studio itself to help you get started. It also includes the browser used by most web developers to write the code that powers the website. The built in browsers allow you to install the version that works best for you, or you can even install third-party browsers. When you download and install Visual Studio Code, the program will then add a Windows icon to your desktop. If you open your taskbar, you'll see a folder called "Windows."

This is where you put all the programs that you are using to work on Windows. You may be familiar with a folder called "My Computer," which is where all the files and programs you install go. If you open that folder in Visual Studio Code, you'll see a folder called "Microsoft" right under it. That's where the actual Windows program is located. By clicking on that folder, you'll find that you can install the free Visual Studio Code application.

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